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Jan 20, 2022

Think Better Group Expands Partnership with Plastic Bank

Think Better Group

With Think Better Group’s (TBG) portfolio of consumer brands currently eliminating the need for 13,000 tonnes of plastic a year (equivalent to 1.3bn single use plastic bottles), the opportunity to extend our partnership with Plastic Bank makes perfect sense.  “The Think Better Group is committed to plastic neutrality, and we are implementing this across our brand portfolio. Our new partnership with Plastic Bank provides a unique auditing trail and transparent plastic offset capabilities for our customers” commented Heath Jansen CEO.

While carbon neutral is a common phrase, for many businesses, plastic neutrality is a relatively new term.  Plastic neutrality involves measuring the plastic footprint of our supply chains, from production to end delivery to our consumers. Using this data, we can identify where reductions in plastic use can be made, including removing it completely, like changing the way our products are packaged or by developing and using replacements such as plant-based materials in our product construction or distribution. 

While our goal is to eliminate plastic completely, by offering plant-based solutions or using technology, sometimes this is not possible.  In these instances, we prioritise the use of circular solutions including recycled and recyclable materials.  TBG’s ongoing mapping of its portfolio brands provides a detailed picture of our plastic usage, we can then commit to accurate offsetting.  Our new partnership with Plastic Bank www.plasticbank.com helps facilitate this as well as helping us support communities by collecting ocean bound plastic which we can recycle into usable functional consumer products.   

To date, TBG approach has been successful in eliminating the need for 13,000 tonnes of plastic per year.  As an example, Ecoriginals www.ecoriginals.com our plant-based nappy solution, saves up to 200g of plastic, per child, per day compared to a standard disposable nappy.   

Join us on our Plastic Neutralmission; Think Better, Act Better, Be Better, www.thinkbettergroup.com