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Feb 23, 2022

TBG - Sustainable Sourcing Of Wood Fibres

Heath Jansen

Think Better Group’s (TBG) brands are on a quest to deliver plant-based solutions to plastic problems.  We are keen to champion the positives of plant-based alternatives compared to plastics, including being 100% regenerative, lower in chemical use and produce less harmful end-of-life implications including zero micro fibres. We also recognise that plant-based solutions are considerably more expensive than plastic alternatives and that their production can be problematic. 

That is why, when it comes to sourcing wood fibres for the 35 million nappies and 20 million coffee filters papers that we sell a year, TBG source from verified (Forestry Stewardship Council) suppliers.  In that way, TBG can ensure our products are free from child and forced labour and that the wood sources are responsibly managed. Forests are not illegally harvested causing deforestation, loss of habitats and biodiversity.

A considerable amount of time, money and efforts is put into FSC certification, by TBG and our brands. As such we are pleased that our Ecoriginals brand has just completed its yearly audit to verify that it conforms with FSC regulatory standards, including mandatory requirements for warehousing, adhering to local labour laws, and practising responsible sourcing. Through the FSC chain of custody it is possible to followthe movement of materials through the supply chain with the reassurance that it has come from a sustainable source and been managed responsibly by everyone in the chain.

Look for our products, that proudly display their FSC logo demonstrating that extra care has gone into choosing a more sustainable material. As a consumer you can have confidence in your purchase, knowing that there will be a reduced negative impact on the environment, where the materials originated from, and the treatment of the workers within the supply chain will comply with local laws.