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Think Better Group delivers expertise and network support to brands, from ESG, marketing, manufacturing and distribution through to end consumer engagement channels; delivering proven scalable and operational return improvements.

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Think Better Group

Lofty goals

As a group of businesses with an over arching passion and focus on doing better for the environment we always want to be chasing lofty but achievable targets reducing our impacts on the planet.

Our goals by 2025:
Carbon Offset

10,000 tonne offset

10 Tonnes of carbon is sequested by individuals annually

Bottles Upcycled
Plastic Upcycled

10M bottles

1m plastic bottles a minute are utilised in society today

Trees Planted

1M trees planted

One for every child starting school in the UK this year

Our Brands

Our Brands - Elevating the Circular Economy

Our leading principals drive the core focus for our brands. Reduce/ Re-use , Recycle and Upcycle initiatives.

We compliment this with the unique visions of each of our founders which  are encompassed in the broader strategies  of Think Better Group.

We identify stand out brands, in high spend consumer marketplaces, acquire them or secure exclusive distribution rights and then work with them to increase value and profitability through solidifying ESG credentials.

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Be better

Be better

Our focus is to look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. All our brands are at varying stages of their green journey but all aligned by the same goals to do better by our customers and our planet. The TBG team has developed the framework, process and partners relationships required to support our brands in their future ‘be better’ green initiatives.

Why us

The authenticity, credibility and specialised support services provided by the TBG to brands provides the stability and platform required to deliver growth and scale. This leads to exposure and exponential sales.

Our innovative and commercial approach alongside with our unparalleled knowledge-base gives us unrivalled insights on identifying gaps and opportunities in the market, across all industries we service.

Why us

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