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Apr 28, 2022

Think Better Group Announces Launch of Plastic Mapping Tool

Emma Gordon

Think Better Group is pleased to announce the launch of its Plastic Mapping Tool as part of its TBG Connect+ offering, designed to measure all materials used across the supply chains of the group’s portfolio of brands.

The tool identifies all plastic use and highlights where virgin plastic can be eliminated, replacing it with plant-based and regenerated materials to create the highest positive impact. Through further development the tool will track recycled, upcycled and offset plastic across all brands.

Currently, there is no standardised third-party plastic footprint measuring tools for measuring plastic usage or offsets. The TBG team have been working over the past year on developing its own, unique mapping tool, which is now part of its TBG Connect+ offering. Using experience of calculating carbon emissions using GHG Protocol, the ESG team has developed a similar 3 scope methodology that can be used across brands in the group’s portfolio to assess its direct and indirect activities.

Heath Jansen, CEO and founder said "TBG is focussed on plastic neutrality, and with that comes the requirement to accurately map out plastic usage and where we can eliminate or responsibly offset. We will continue to invest in alternative plant-based material technology solutions and developing partnerships aligned with our company values".

Think Better Group’s (TBG) portfolio of consumer brands has already avoided the need for over 620 tonnes of plastic, equivalent to over 33 million single use bottles a year. TBG’s mapping tool calculates the amount of plastic that is currently being used, and by type, whether virgin,regenerated or recyclable which allows quantifiable targets for reduction. (See article - Think Better Group’s commitment to Plastic Neutrality).

TBG plans to offer its mapping service to other 3rd party brands. To learn more around TBG’s Plastic Mapping Tool please reach out to our team.